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A Hat full of Sky

A Hat Full of Sky - Terry Pratchett George Lucas is supposed to have said at some point that the storyteller who could get inside the head of an eleven-year-old girl could make a fortune. Well, never having been an eleven-year-old girl (but having a daughter who is that age now), I'd say Terry Pratchett has managed remarkably well here—and the fortune is all the readers'.

This second installment in the Tiffany Aching series follows the protagonist through a wonderful adventure as she looks at what being a witch—haggling as her riotous little friends the Feegles put it—is all about. The story is fun, thought-provoking and (for Pratchett especially) tightly plotted. And Discworld fans will cheer when Tiffany gets to meet Granny Weatherwax—truly two witches worth knowing!